August 22, 2008

What They’re Not Telling You About Osteoporosis

Here is the next part of the informative email. This is about Osteoporosis. Read on...

All the calcium in the world won’t help your bones — because something in our food is blocking its absorption. Here’s what nobody else is telling you about one of the worst diseases of our time...

FIFTY YEARS AGO, people never even heard of osteoporosis in this country. Now hip fractures are “epidemic,” killing more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer. Equally distressing: Half of all hip fracture survivors will remain permanently disabled!

What’s going on? Americans are gulping calcium pills and sloshing down milk like never before, but osteoporosis rates haven’t budged. On the contrary, a 12-year study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that female milk drinkers actually had more hip fractures. There’s a little-known reason for this. Unfortunately, by the time most people hear the news, their bones could be as fragile as Grandma’s wedding lace.

You see, all that calcium can’t help your bones one bit if it’s not being absorbed into your bloodstream. And for many people in this country that’s not happening because of two secret saboteurs.

One problem is the mineral phosphorus. As you may recall from your high school chemistry, phosphorus (which is acidic) neutralizes calcium (an alkaline). When you take in too much phosphorus, it counteracts any benefits of calcium supplements and de-calcifies bones, making them weak, brittle, and easily broken. And that’s exactly what’s happening today: We’re getting way too much phosphorus.

I call phosphorus the “stealth mineral” because doctors haven’t yet recognized it as a cause of modern osteoporosis. But if you compare the increase of phosphorus in our diet over the past 50 years with the rise in hip fractures in this period, the link is obvious. Sad to say, it will take years before this shows up on doctors’ radar screens.

ALTERNATIVES readers were alerted to this years ago when I first wrote about it in 1985. Today, I bet they’ve got the strongest bones in the country! So can you—it’s not too late. My FREE Special Report, What No One Is Telling You About Osteoporosis, outlines what really works to fracture-proof your bones. Here’s what you’ll discover...

Limit your exposure. Phosphorus has been added to our food supply in ever-increasing amounts since the 1950s. Today, certain supermarket foods and restaurant meals are loaded with the stuff. My Report blows the whistle on these foods, pointing a finger at those with the highest levels so you can limit your intake of these bone-robbers. (Don’t bother looking on food labels, phosphorus isn’t required to be listed.)

Neutralize it. Excess phosphorus in your diet makes other health problems worse, including arthritis, stroke, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and kidney stones. If you, or someone you know, suffers from any of these conditions, get my Report into their hands pronto. It describes an ingenious trick that quickly (and easily) helps balance the phosphorus and calcium in your body. Total neutralization usually occurs in a matter of days. This often produces a significant improvement in these health problems. Just one more example of the power of getting to the root of the problem.

The right stuff. Some calcium supplements aren’t absorbed no matter what you do. It’s mind-boggling that they’re allowed to be sold, but since there aren’t as many laws governing supplements, you never know what you’re getting. That’s another reason to read ALTERNATIVES (I always provide this vital information to my readers). My Report names the best sources of calcium and how to find them. I’ll also describe the ideal daily doses for your age group...the vitamins you must take with your calcium so it’s assimilated by your body...and the ideal time of day to take your tablets. (These factors are very important.)

Make sure it’s absorbed. Here’s the second saboteur of full absorption. Calcium is only digested by the strong acids of the stomach, nowhere else. But by the time you’re 50, your stomach is only producing 15 percent of the acid it did at age 25! This means that much of the calcium in the foods and supplements we ingest after 50 simply passes through our innards without nourishing our cells and organs. This goes for other nutrients, too. You can see why extra nutrition is so vital at this stage of life.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution—though most people, including doctors, remain in the dark about it. Taking the little-known digestive aid described in my Report will restore your over-50 stomach to the digestive powers it had in your youth. This way, you’ll get more nutrition from your foods and vitamins. And your calcium tablets won’t be wasted.

Why Aren’t Women Being Told About This Osteoporosis Cure?


call Dr. John Lee “the Louis Pasteur of bone regeneration,” because he’s found a way to regenerate bone tissue in women who’ve been ravaged by osteoporosis. When this news reaches the general public, osteoporosis will become as rare in the U.S. as it was 50 years ago.

This is a first. (In case you haven’t heard about this breakthrough, you’ll find a full description in my FREE Report on osteoporosis.) Dr. Lee’s discovery is a cream that replenishes the body’s diminishing supply of the hormone responsible for the continual regeneration of bone during our youth. The disappearance of this hormone as we age is a cause of osteoporosis.

When it was tested on women with osteoporosis, Dr. Lee’s cream increased their bone density by up to 10% in the first 6 months. It continued to rebuild bone every year at an annual rate of 3% to 5%. By the end of the study all the women had the bones of a healthy 35-year-old! Many of these poor women had lost as much as 5 inches in height. But with Dr. Lee’s cream, they actually grew taller.

By the end of the study, ALL the women had the bones
of a healthy 35-year-old

As you know, one of the most dreadful consequences of osteoporosis is fractures. In his study, the incidence of fractures among these women dropped to zero! Until his discovery, no treatment could increase bone density and bone strength in osteoporosis patients. So this is big news.
While news of Dr. Lee’s cream is spreading, it could be many years before conventional doctors take it seriously (even though his research was published in the distinguished medical journal, Lancet). If your physician is open-minded at all, click here for my Report and show it to him. You just might plant a seed.

If you’d like to give the cream a try, my Report has the name and address of the most reliable source for top quality cream, so you can get it right from the source. This one contains the same purity and strength as the one used in Dr. Lee’s research. Demand for the cream is high, and supplies go fast—so it’s often hard-to-find.

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