August 27, 2008

Chemical & Petroleum Integrated Information Framework

One of the key challenges that the Chemical & Petroleum industry faces today is the inability to make timely business decisions in areas related to performance and field operations in both upstream and downstream parts of the business. The reasons for this challenge are plenty (functional and technical). From a functional perspective, some of them are -
  1. Operational managers and production supervisors do not have access to visibility to the plant's assets
  2. Failure reports get delivered too late, and are often signaled by an alarm (with sound and light)
  3. Failure reports are not intelligible enough to understand the problem to decide on a course of action
  4. All assets and entities in the plant adhere to their own standards of operation; this results in too many standards in one place; manageability becomes a key concern
Technically, the reasons can be attributed to -
  1. A multitude of data sources
  2. Too many instances of data get created from the different data sources
  3. There are many systems that are involved in the managing of these data instances
  4. Each data source follows its own standard in creating data; managing disparate data instances with unique standards becomes a challenge by itself
We at IBM, have been observing this for quiet sometime now, and we do have an answer now! Yes, IBM has come up with yet another innovative and business-driven solution called the Chemical & Petroleum Integrated Information Framework; in short, its called C&P IIF.
Chemical and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework (C&P IIF) is the software framework for real-time comprehensive integrated information across multiple disparate systems based on industry standards and an SOA approach. It enables real-time visibility and process collaboration with alerts and event management to speed problem determination plus optimization of existing resources:
  • For upstream oil and gas, C&P IIF framework enables implementing integrated operations that can decrease production costs while increasing oil field recovery percentages
  • For plants, C&P IIF enables real-time operations feedback driving integrations that can decrease production costs and improve refinery safety
  • For drilling, C&P IIF provides a comprehensive view across heterogeneous drilling formats for corporate analysis and easier handoff to production
For more information, do visit the IBM Chemical & Petroleum Integrated Information Framework web page here. A PDF version of the brochure is available here. You can also write to me to know more on IIF.

Sources: IBM

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