January 15, 2013

5 Tips For Better Performance Appraisals

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No matter which company you are in the world, Performance Appraisal is a topic that's talked about in one form or the other. Most often the term is used to refer to a coveted discussion that people have with their respective managers to the magic number that's expected to increase their Cost To Company. Many don't realize that this is a process and not a point-in-time event that takes place once or twice a year. Many employees tie this decision to another decision - to find another job or to stay on. H7NN49X2BJ3T

How many of us really know what we are expected to do in our job? If you think you do know, take a moment to describe your role and responsibilities standing in front of a mirror. Now put yourself on the other side of the table and describe how you will evaluate yourself. Whether you do evaluations today or not, you better do this exercise as you will have to do it someday in your career.

January 13, 2013

Leadership - It's About Behavior

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For many years, people of all ages and walks of life have used both the terms - Leadership and Management rather immoderately. Starting from job descriptions created by the Human Resources departments of organizations, the list of people who've used includes senior executives of big and small companies, authors and also students.

While it's not completely wrong to think that the schools of management can teach Leadership, it's not completely true either. Perhaps even those senior executives who seem to mix management and leadership, don't really intend to do so. But clearly the two are different, and this article Management Is (Still) Not Leadership by +John Kotter on +Harvard Business Review blog talks about it quiet nicely. In this article we'll focus just on Leadership. There are multiple theories of leadership and I belong to the one that believe in the fact that Leadership is Not Just about Attributes, but about Behavior.