August 30, 2008

Affirmations - Works Wonders!

Do you want to wake up every morning with a certainty of a bright and colorful day? Wrap yourself with the positive vibes of nature. Affirmations are the key to achieving this. Here is how you do it -

Sit in one corner of room (preferably a silent place). Close your eyes and breath heavily 5 times. Continue normal breathing and try to concentrate. Visualize a peaceful and serene lake and the sun rising on the horizon. Many thoughts will come and go. Don't resist them. After a few minutes, you will experience the perfect silence.

Breath consciously and relax. Imagine a golden white ball of light entering your body from above your head, and visualize this passing through your throat, chest, hands, stomach and through your legs. With each breath, try to push this ball of light from top to bottom.

Now, once you are done, utter the following affirmations in your thoughts. Utter these affirmations in your thoughts each time you inhale. Here they go -
  • "Just for today I will live in an attitude of gratitude."
  • "Just for today I will not worry."
  • "Just for today I will not anger."
  • "Just for today I shall do my work honestly."
  • "Just for today I will show love and respect to all living beings."
You can do this every morning. I picked these affirmations from Reiki. Apart from these affirmations, you can use other specific affirmations to do something specific. Here is an example for those of you who've been trying to stop taking beer - "Just for today, I will not drink beer!"

Remember - "You Are What You Think". Thinking makes a man; so be careful about what you think!

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