August 22, 2008

Aspirin’s Blinding Secret

Here is the next part of the informative email. This is about Aspirin. Read on...

An-aspirin-a-day doesn’t prevent stroke and heart attack—studies show it may actually increase the risk! I hope they announce an about-face soon. But doctors hate to admit they’re wrong, so I’m not holding my breath. You shouldn’t either. Read this and take action now...

MILLIONS OF AMERICANS are being urged to take an-aspirin-a-day to prevent a stroke and heart attack. But a major research study in Canada found this actually increased the risk of stroke and heart attack in 40% of the people who took it! Three other studies from Germany, Britain, and here in the U.S. support the finding.

When I read this news, I wasn’t surprised. In December, 1986, I first warned ALTERNATIVES readers against taking an-aspirin-a-day. Those who took my advice are, without question, better off. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional aspirin or two for a headache or minor pain. But taken regularly, aspirin (even if it’s “enteric-coated”) can and will cause gastrointestinal bleeding—a serious problem that doctors have no way of correcting.

But that’s not the worst of it. New research shows that such long-term aspirin use can make you blind by increasing your risk of macular degeneration, and even increasing your risk of cataracts by up to 44 percent!(5) Those are bad odds. Macular degeneration is already the leading cause of blindness in people over 55 in our country, and doctors still have no effective treatments. If this current aspirin-a-day craze continues, we could be looking at a wave of blindness in the years to come.

Doctors are pushing aspirin because it thins the blood, keeping it flowing smoothly so dangerous clots don’t form. It’s a good idea, but there are safer and better ways to accomplish this, which I’ve written about in past issues of ALTERNATIVES. In case you’re in the dark about them, I’ve prepared a Special Report entitled Safe Alternatives To An Aspirin-A-Day to bring you up to date. In it, you’ll read about...

My favorite natural blood-thinner. It’s a natural enzyme (found in a common fruit) that works like aspirin. It’s also one of the best natural anti-inflammatory agents around, meaning it eases the pain and reduces the swelling if you get a bruise or muscle pull. It also helps with arthritis. My Report tells you all about it.

Protect your stomach. If you insist on taking aspirin or NSAIDs regularly, you’ve got to protect yourstomach. My Report shows you a neat way that can prevent the gastrointestinal bleeding these drugs cause. Simply take this common spice (revealed in my Report) with the aspirin. It repels damage like Teflon.

If you’re already experiencing stomach problems, my Report describes an effective, do-it-yourself treatment for peptic and duodenal ulcers. No M.D. needed. Research shows it performs better than the leading drug. It works by coating your stomach with protective mucus. See my Report.

Stop stomach bleeding. Western doctors have no real treatments for stomach bleeding, but Chinese doctors do. They use a powder made from the rhubarb plant to stop stomach bleeding in 95 percent of all cases. This treatment is practically unknown in U.S. medical circles, but my Report tells how you can get your hands on a supply so you can use it properly.

Protect your eyesight. Macular degeneration is becoming a serious problem—even among people who don’t take aspirin. Protect your eyes by taking the two minerals and two supplements that I described in my Report. They are used widely in Europe with impressive results. Researchers found that they can actually halt the progression of vision loss.

Restoring lost vision. If you, or anyone you know, suffers from vision loss caused by macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa, send for my Report without delay. It describes the only treatment I’ve ever seen that actually triggers the regeneration and regrowth of the eye’s retina to reverse these terrible conditions. It can actually restore vision!

MY ADVICE: If you’re undecided about whether to use aspirin, ask your doctor to perform one simple test on you (described in my Report) that will immediately tell if you are among the 40 percent of people for whom an-aspirin-a-day is bad news. (It will increase your risk of stroke or heart attack.) Your results should help you make up your mind rather quickly. Remember: This Report, like all my others, is yours absolutely free with your subscription to ALTERNATIVES. I hope you’ll send for your copy soon.

(5) Thoroughly reported in the medical journal Ophthalmology (98;105:1751-1758).

Dr. David Williams,“The People’s Scientist”

What do today’s young science students dream of after grad school? Ask them and they’ll reply: “A well-paying job with a big drug company or food manufacturer.”

But that was never Dr. David Williams’ dream. He’s motivated by something even more rewarding: service. “I never cared about making a million dollars,” he says in his easy Texas drawl, “ I just wanted to make a difference.”

Has he ever! No other person has done more in the past 18 years to advance the science of alternative medicine, expose the unrecognized causes of today’s health problems, and educate people on how to become truly well and stay that way.

While most scientists worked to make their employers wealthier, Dr. Williams is dedicated to making the world healthier. He uses his extensive scientific education and experience in chemistry, medicine, and biology to stand watch for Jane and John Public. For this noble mission, he’s been dubbed “the people’s scientist.”

Dr. Williams’ eclectic background (health coach for the Houston Oilers, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Ballet…founder and lead doctor for one of the country’s largest alternative medical clinics…consultant to world’s leading health institutions…courageous critic of medical abuses in the documentary film “The Politics of Cancer”…author, editor, lecturer, and world traveler) gives him a unique practical perspective. He’s seen what works and grasps the big picture.

Through his monthly newsletter ALTERNATIVES,
Dr. Williams is bringing his readers the scientific truth behind the claims of modern medicine, popular health advice, nutritional remedies, and natural healing. As one subscriber put it: “Dr. Williams explains everything from cholesterol to breast cancer in a way that even my 78-year-old mother can easily understand.”

What He Does For His Readers:

• SNIFFS OUT bogus health claims and “miracle cures” like a modern-day medical Sherlock Holmes.

• SIFTS THROUGH mountains of worldwide research for new breakthroughs, then travels to the four corners of the world to check them out in person. He’s the Indiana Jones of tomorrow’s brave new cures.

• MAKES MEDICAL CONCEPTS fascinating and easy-to-understand (just like TV’s Mr. Wizard did), because he believes health and healing happens faster when people understand what’s going on in their bodies.

• BLOWS THE WHISTLE on hidden dangers in today’s foods, health products, our environment, and medical treatments. One reader describes him as “the Ralph Nader of health reporting.”

• RECOMMENDS THE BEST BRANDS of vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutritional supplements with the same integrity and impartiality that has made Consumer Reports magazine so popular.

• SEES THE BIG PICTURE like the country doctor of yesteryear. Humble and caring like Marcus Welby. He’s sensitive to patients’ real needs and fears, because he ran one of the largest holistic clinics in the U.S.

• HAS MORE “FIRSTS,” more fans, and more successes than every other health publication in America. You could say that he’s the Michael Jordan of alternative medicine.

• CONNECTS THE DOTS and ingeniously reveals the big picture, like Albert Einstein and other scientific giants did. He often identifies a single underlying cause for multiple symptoms.

• INVITES ANYONE who’s curious to receive 16 of his latest Special Reports absolutely free to sample his unique vision—and see why there’s nobody in the entire health world like Dr. David Williams.

The Best Clot-Buster On Earth

Thinning your blood is a good idea, because thick blood moves slowly (doctors call this “sludging”) and is more likely to clot and cause a stroke. Unfortunately, most blood-thinning agents, whether natural or drugs, have no effect on clots already in your blood vessels. The exception are clot-busting drugs that are administered in the E.R. to stroke or heart attack victims.

Now there’s an easy way to de-clot your bloodstream before any damage can be done. It’s with a natural enzyme derived from soybeans, called nattokinase (natto, for short). Japanese research shows that natto clears the blood vessels of clots just the way emergency drugs do, but natto’s effect lasts 80 times longer. Natto is a popular food in Japan and nattokinase is now available in capsules. One capsule should keep your arteries and blood vessels clot-free for 24 hours. Unfortunately, there is only one supplier of it in the U.S. right now. My FREE Report, Safe Alternatives To An-Aspirin-A-Day, contains full information, including the address and toll-free phone number so you can order your own supply.

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