August 28, 2008

Chennai Half-Marathon - Round 'D' Corner!

I'm happy to see the Marg Chennai Marathon pulling great attention from the media and the people of Chennai. Infact, it's the first time that my parents asked me "Is there a marathon happening in Chennai on 31st Aug?" They have not asked the same question when the Chennai Marathon was held in Fedbruary this year. I'm also happy to see that the organizers Marg and Tamil Maiyyam, have taken a lot of care in putting together a good website.

All said and done, it still makes me wonder why the organizers call this a marathon, as the maximum distance it offers to the runners is just that of a half-marathon. There has been a lot of questions from friends, relatives and readers on what is a marathon distance. And, it took me a lot of time to explain to these people - what is a marathon distance and what is the maximum Marg Chennai Marathon distance. I just wish we could call this something else...say Chennai Half-Marathon? Organizers! What do you say?

Well, still, I give all credits to the organizers for having successfully created a buzz around the city. I'm waiting to see how the run goes off. We have more than 50 runners from Chennai Runners participating in this run. I'm not running because of a serious left knee injury. With another 3 days to go, I certainly do see a lot of people getting prepared to hit the asphalt on the D-Day. Good Luck to everyone...especially those First-Timers who have made up their mind to start a healthy life!
Run Chennai, Run!

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