October 08, 2011

Identity - Online - Offline (Part I)

Internet dawned upon me quiet late as compared to the generation today - who are born into the internet. But ever since I was into the net, I have increasingly had this feeling of being lost in a crowd. I know you must be wondering why - read on, let me explain this...

The first encounter with the internet (the unknown) was about 13 years back (yes, that's all its been!). We got the first computer at home which boasted of running a Pentium II processor with 32MB (!!) RAM and 4GB (!!!) Hard Disk Drive. We had a dial-up modem from ZyXel which allowed me to connect to the internet at 32Kbps (!!!!). Alright, this is just to give you a perspective of the time in which I did what I'm going to explain.

I connected to the internet by double-clicking a

October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs - On to make a Happier Heaven...

In Hinduism we believe Lord Brahma is the creator of the world
But for technologists and the product fraternity, You are the Brahma.

October 04, 2011

Born into Facebook

There was a time when parents took pictures of their newborn kid(s) and also family pictures with the newborn(s) to put them on their family living room. With the advancement of the internet and with people jumping onto Facebook (I choose to use this instead of "Social Network") faster than ever, these living room pictures have found their way to the "walls" on Facebook.