August 22, 2008

FACT: Over 50% of today’s health advice is wrong and obsolete!

I received this informative email from my dad, and I think this would definitely be very useful to many of us. As the title goes, its about today's health advice. Its beautifully written by Dr. David Williams. Read on...

This Bulletin alerts you to 7 current health notions that are so off-track, they’re dangerous. I’m giving you this early heads-up because the official news probably won’t come for many years. Here’s the story...

Health knowledge is changing so fast that many of medicine’s sacred cows and pet theories have already been slaughtered and laid to rest...

Hormone therapy was good, now it’s bad. Low-fat diets were “in,” now they’re “out.” Eggs were a no-no, now they’re okay. Mammograms and PSA screenings save lives...or do they?

It’s no fun discovering that something you’ve been doing (or taking) for years to stay healthy is suddenly useless, wrong, or even dangerous.

But brace yourself. A barrage of new medical “about-faces” is on the way! In the pages ahead, you’ll read about 7 medical theories that have been proven obsolete, yet doctors still haven’t changed their treatments. For example...

Have you heard the latest about heart disease?

The cholesterol theory of heart disease has been dead for 20 years. It was shot full of holes when scientists showed that the majority of people who suffer heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels. This makes cholesterol-lowering drugs irrelevant and useless.

Later studies identified the real cause of heart disease. Now, prompted by the failure of cholesterol-lowering drugs to reduce heart disease, doctors are beginning to look into this “new” theory. But their investigations will take many years.

Meanwhile, 13 million people in this country remain on cholesterol drugs, and millions more are being urged to start taking them. It will be a long time before an official about-face comes. Tragically, hundreds of thousands of people will go to their deaths following this old-school advice in the false belief they’re being protected.

I’ve been waving a red flag about cholesterol-lowering drugs since August, 1991, when I first discovered they are not only ineffective, but potentially deadly. (They can rob the heart of an important nutrient, CoQ10, that powers its beating.)

I also wrote about a far safer, easier, and cheaper way to duck a heart attack. It works by cleaning out the plaque in arteries, which all of us have to one degree or another.

In July, 1987, I researched an inexpensive white powder made from fruit pectin. A tablespoon of this powder mixed in a glass of juice dissolves artery gunk the way Drano™ cleans bathroom pipes. And there are plenty of other substances that do this job, too—certain foods and oils…the nutrient lecithin…and specific nutritional supplements, to name just a few. I’ll tell you more about them in just a bit.

Sad to say, it will probably take many years, and many more heart attack victims, before word of these natural plaque-busters reaches the general public. (If you don’t want to wait, click here to learn how to clean out your arteries right now.)

The history of medicine is full of setbacks and about-faces

About-faces like these are common in health and medicine, because ours is not an exact science, but one that is constantly evolving. That’s how progress is usually made.

But here’s the problem: In a perfect world, you’d learn about these new discoveries right away so you could quickly benefit. Yet this rarely happens. Instead, the news is delayed as doctors debate among themselves…greedy special interest groups fight any change to the status quo…and public health officials drag their feet through “official channels.”

Hormone replacement therapy for women is another real-life example…

The colossal hormone fiasco

Doctors began prescribing hormones back in the 1960s to help women through menopause. Not much was known about these drugs because little testing had been done. Even so, starting in the 80s, women were urged to stay on hormone drugs for life, because the manufacturers promised that they also lowered women’s risk of heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis.

Doctors didn’t test those claims either—but a few independent research teams did. They found hormone drugs were increasing the risk of cancer by an alarming amount!

Even though these early findings were published in prestigious medical journals, doctors overlooked them because they rarely take independent research seriously.

After 15 years of pressure, doctors finally launched a large-scale study in 16,000 women. In short order, they issued an announcement that stunned millions of women. The hormones and treatment had caused so many extra cases of breast cancer, stroke, blood clots, and heart attacks, that the study was canceled 3 years early to protect the remaining participants. Five months later, the federal government added estrogens to its list of “known human carcinogens.”(1)

I wasn’t surprised. I’d been warning about the dangers of hormone drugs since 1991—12 years ago—after thoroughly studying the early research. But few women outside my ALTERNATIVES readership heard the message, and took the steps I outlined to protect themselves...until they saw it on TV. By then, it was too late for many.

But the story doesn’t end there. Despite the study’s findings (which made front page news from coast to coast), many doctors continue to recommend this hormone therapy to their patients to this day!(2) Talk about info-lag!

More reversals and more info-lag are on the way...

I know you want to believe that current health advice is based on solid, irrefutable facts and up-to-the-moment insights. Sorry. We doctors know that modern medicine is a patchwork quilt of “working theories” waiting to be proven right or wrong.

I wish I could tell you it wasn’t so (and perhaps one day it will be different). But medicine today is, more or less, a huge experiment. And, unfortunately, the general public is the guinea pig.

But don’t blame science. If facts determined health policy in this country, widespread wellness would be a slam-dunk. But many obstacles are preventing new discoveries from reaching the public’s ears: Red tape. Medical politics. Professional egos. Turf wars. Big money interests. All these factors prevent you from hearing about new life-saving discoveries for many years. As a result, the general public is still following advice that is obsolete and ineffective without even realizing it!

Unfortunately, the situation will get worse before it gets better. Here’s why...

Medical knowledge is doubling every 5 years. There’s a full-scale scientific revolution afoot. But a log-jam of info-lag delays will prevent you from hearing about these new health discoveries and corrections for many years—unless you can find a way to get upstream of the jam-up.

I think I can help you with that—starting here and now.

Recently I created a new series of Special Reports explaining 7 startling medical about-faces that are sure to come some time in the future, though because of info-lag we can’t be sure when. In a moment, I’ll describe these new flip-flops to you and tell how you can get your hands on a free copy of all the Reports that interest you.

That’s right. The Reports (all of them) are yours absolutely free just for trying an introductory subscription to ALTERNATIVES, my monthly newsletter that has a reputation for being “first on the scene” when bona fide breakthroughs are being discovered—or false notions are exposed—in health, nutrition, alternative remedies, and modern medicine.

I don’t want to be a guinea pig. How about you?

Believe me, when my family’s health is at stake, the last thing I want is a treatment that’s obsolete, or some theory that’s unsubstan-tiated and potentially harmful.
I don’t think you do either.

Instead, I want the most current advice backed by facts. And treatments that have the best success and safety records. I don’t care if it’s an herbal remedy, a vitamin treatment, a nutritional therapy, or a wonder drug. Just tell me: “Does it really work?” and “Is it safe?”—and show me the scientific evidence.

That’s what my readers want, too. So for the past 18 years, every issue of ALTERNATIVES has provided that. I’m proud to say that no other health publication has such a stellar track-record of separating the fakes from facts...unmasking dangerous health notions…and being right and being first with what’s truly new in the health world. ALTERNATIVES has been first to report some of the biggest breakthroughs in the health world. Additional new discoveries on my desk right now will likely top the list and benefit my readers immediately—without info-lag delay.

As a result, ALTERNATIVES readers often get the news years before word reaches the general public.

Naturally, I’d love to have you as a subscriber. And you’d be in good company. ALTERNATIVES readers are among the savviest, best-informed, and I daresay, healthiest people on the planet. (A large percentage of my readers are doctors and health care professionals.)

My purpose for writing you today, however, is to call your attention to 7 popular health notions that you should resist like the dickens, because they are flawed and

Most people (doctors included) have yet to see the facts about these now-obsolete health beliefs. They’re still running with the herd, but that’s not very wise these days! If that’s not your style, here are the facts and how you can protect yourself—beginning on the next page...

(1) “Estrogens added to carcinogen list;” USA Today, Dec. 12, 2002; p. 3A
(2) With hormone drugs no longer an option, millions of menopause-age women now wonder: “Where can I turn for relief?” Other women, long-term hormone users, worry if they’ve been harmed by years of being on the drug. If you’re in either group, be sure to send for my FREE Special Report The Safest Alternatives to Menopause Drugs. You’ll find solutions for both queries. Click here.

You Could Die Waiting To Hear About These New Health Discoveries

Even in this era of the Internet, it can take 20 years (or longer) for a new health discovery to trickle down to the masses. That’s no exaggeration. The vitamin E story is a good example...

It’s been 40 years since Canadian doctors demonstrated that vitamin E could prevent heart attacks and reverse heart disease. Health experts estimate that if everyone took two capsules a day, 75% of all heart disease in the U.S. would be completely eliminated. Yet, the majority of Americans still haven’t heard the news.

Obviously, it pays to be high on the information ladder. So, if you don’t like waiting to hear about new life-saving discoveries, you’re my kind of reader—and ALTERNATIVES is your kind of newsletter. No other publication has had more “firsts” in the health world—or announced as many breakthrough cures and treatments. My track record includes 23 huge scoops to date. And I’m currently working on a couple of doozies that are sure to top the list.

How do I do it? By camping out on the frontlines of science where the new exciting discoveries are being made. By staying fiercely independent, so I’m free to follow the truth, and nothing but. And by remembering that 275,000 subscribers are counting on me to help with life-and-death solutions.

In this modern Information Age, facts are the true currency. In the context of health, ALTERNATIVES makes you very rich indeed.

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