August 22, 2008

The Secret Reason We’re So Overweight

In continuation to my previous post on Heart Disease, here is something on Overweight...

Too many carbs? Too little willpower? Stop feeling guilty. The unrecognized reason Americans are so chubby is because an important “slimming fat” is missing from our foods. Here’s the story...

Forget that business about “eating fat makes you fat.” It’s just not true. Scientists have proven that foods like beef, cheese, and dairy can be the path to lifelong weight control, but only IF they contain one very important fat which has a slimming effect on the human body.

Its name is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA for short), and it’s one of the least understood of the essential fatty acids (EFAs). Thanks to new research, we now know that CLA’s job is to make sure the fats we eat are converted into muscle and energy. Without CLA, dietary fat is simply stored as new fat cells. And that, researchers say, is why Americans are having so much trouble controlling their weight—because CLA is missing from our domestic foods.

I first wrote about CLA in the March, 2001 issue of ALTERNATIVES. That was over two years ago, but the majority of overweight people in this country are still waiting to hear the news. If you have friends or loved ones who’d love to lose 20% of their flab, pass them a Free copy of my Special Report, CLA: The Fat That Makes You Slim.

The weight-loss discovery of the century!

My research takes me all over the world—and I’ve always wondered why obesity is much less of a problem in other places. True, Americans eat a lot of junk food, but so do many other countries that don’t have the obesity problems we do. So what’s going on?

Scientists say the difference is CLA. It’s abundant in their foods, yet absent in ours. Statistics show that obesity has increased in America in direct proportion to the decrease of CLA in our foods.

Few health experts have made this connection because CLA is a recent discovery. Medical and nutritional texts, except for the newest editions, contain no mention of it. We’re still learning just how important it is, especially in the metabolism of fatty foods.

By the 1990s, the CLA content of U.S. milk was less than 1%.

Since the body can’t produce CLA on its own, we must get it from our diet. (Chief sources are beef, milk, and dairy products.) But researchers have found the CLA content of these foods, if produced in the U.S., has fallen to almost zilch since 1950. That’s around the time farmers began feeding cattle and dairy cows in feedlots, instead of grazing them on grass pastures. By comparison, the pasture-fed beef of Australia contains 400% more CLA than ours!

To make matters worse, Americans are eating less beef and dairy products in an effort to slim down. But this is having a backfire effect, because it further reduces their CLA levels. As a result, it’s even harder to lose weight!

But eating more of these foods won’t help either. You still won’t get enough CLA unless the products are pasture-raised, which can be pretty pricey.

The best short-term solution is CLA in supplement form. Some pretty impressive research has shown they can produce a dramatic reduction in body fat. Early experiments with mice found that adding CLA to their diet caused an 88% reduction in body fat in just 6 weeks. And human studies are also amazing.

How would you like to lose 20% of your body fat?

In both men and women, CLA supplements produced body fat reductions of 20 percent, on average, in just 12 weeks. More dramatic results are possible with a few eating changes and a little exercise.

New CLA studies are currently underway and ALTERNATIVES will be following them closely. A few cutting-edge companies are experimenting with ways to increase CLA levels in milk, butter, cheese, eggs, and beef. But it still will be years before any of these products are ready for the market.

MY ADVICE: Get this beneficial fat into your diet ASAP. Don’t wait until CLA gets the full blessing of the medical establishment. (That could take years.) If you’ve been struggling to control your weight, you’ll want to read this right away. My Special Report, CLA: The Fat That Makes You Slim, contains everything you need to get going, including details of the exciting research...other foods high in CLA content...the supplement dosage that produced these amazing body fat reductions...and much, much more.

CLA is now widely available in many health food stores. But be aware that not all CLA is of equal quality. In fact, investigators found some CLA products to be nothing but ordinary vegetable oil with a fancy label! There’s only one sure way to prevent a rip-off like this. That’s by looking for one telltale word on the label. It’s your assurance that the CLA you buy is the same kind used in the research. My Report has all the details. Click here for your FREE copy today.

My Other Favorite Weight-Loss Helpers

Fed up with today’s contradictory weight-loss advice? Me too. Don’t fall for those phony fad diets, dumb exercise gizmos, or useless supplements. My Special Report, CLA: The Fat That Makes You Slim, includes 6 other proven weight-loss helpers that will bring your weight under control permanently. Here are 3 of them...

Flax fights fat. Next to CLA, nothing transforms the human body into a fat-burning machine better than the flax oil supplement described in my Report. Start with 3 tablespoons daily. Continue until you’ve lost the desired weight. Then cut back to one a day.

Get lean with green tea. Studies in Switzerland show that when green tea capsules are taken with a meal, subjects burned 80 additional calories, most of them from fat. Wait ‘til you read this.

Muscle without exercise. Scientists found that creatine stimulates muscle growth throughout the body. Works without exercise. Works even better if you do. Also speeds up recuperation from injuries, illness, and improves heart function. I take it every day. My Report tells where to find it and how to use it.

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