August 15, 2008

Never Give Up

I've really liked this advertisement. This is an advertisement of a newspaper named Dainik Bhaskar, which features the Indian one-day cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It sends out a strong message - Never Give Up! Whatever may come.

Here is a translation of this Hindi advertisement -

We are taught from childhood - "Don't be adamant. Forget what you don't get, and stay happy with what you get". And, the whole life, this keeps going on. When the road is bad, we drive our vehicle slower. When eve teasers trouble us, we look out for a new route. Let go of what is happening. If the electricity is shutdown for half a day - "We'll but an electricity generator, don't stay adamant".
But I say "Stay adamant! Stay so adamant that the whole world is forced to listen to you. Stay so adamant that closed doors open up. Stay so adamant that you get total control of your goals and destiny. Just stay on. Stay so adamant that every minute of life is filled with happiness. And when your kids become adamant, tell them - Not now, grow up and then be adamant"

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