August 08, 2008

Singapore Marathon 2008 - The preparation just got started..

In my opinion, a full marathon is a test of persistence, grit and determination. Though I haven't run more than 32 kilometers in one shot, I've decided to take the deep dive and run a full marathon (42.195 kilometers) this year at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

A full marathon, even today, is considered an extreme sport. This is going to be my first full marathon, and I'm looking forward to completing it in less than 3 hrs and 30 mins (no, I'm not kidding!). My training plan looks like this. I would be upgrading my training plan as the days go by, as I continue to consult veteran marathoners like Ram, Jacob and others to whom I have access to.

Wish me good luck! I will certainly look forward to updating this space as things progress.

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