August 30, 2008

Key to Success - Give Unconditionally

We all want to be happy and see success in things we do. Is there one thing that will guarantee success and happiness? Yes, there is! The keys to the doors of Happiness and Success is The Ability to Give Unconditionally. In personal life or in business, its the ability to give, that makes people replicate success and experience eternal happiness. Here are 5 things you must try everyday -
  1. Wish a friend on his/her birthday (or) give them a surprise vist/party
  2. Thank people when they help you
  3. Never expect something from others when you help them
  4. Feed a stray dog (or) adopt it
  5. When you want to enter a new market in business, give your service/product for NO COST. Your product (and your goodwill) will do the rest of the talking
  6. SMILE at others, don't be sombre (even when the going gets tough)
  7. Help your wife/mother with the domestic chores at times
  8. What you've learnt is meant for others too. Pass it on!
  9. Trust yourself and People you work with
  10. Speak the truth....always. This can give you the most of happiness and success!
Do you remember the story of the Wise Crow and the Pot of water? Our friend Mr.Crow was thirsty, and he found this tall pot filled with little water. He could not reach it, but he was patient and wise! He decided to drop stones into the pot and drink the water when it increased to a level he could reach. As he put stones into the pot, the water level increased. Eventually the water did come to the surface he was able to taste the elixir of life!
Happiness and Success is like the water in this pot, the ability to give is similar to the stones and the pot is comparable to our lives. The more (stones) you put into the pot, the more closer Happiness and Success (water) gets to you!

Newton had scientifically put this phenomenon in his Third Law of Motion as "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"

Remember - What goes up, has to come down! Keep Giving!

PS: Ravi - Thanks for pointing the striking typo!


Ravi said...

Point 6 - I think you mean 'Sombre'.
There is nothing wrong in being happy and sober ! :-)

Nice Post !

Unknown said...


Thanks for pointing out that striking typo...yes its sombre.

Another mistake of mine...I dont proofread my posts that often :-)...need to do away with this bad habit!