About me

I'm a Mangalorean living in Chennai who enjoys traveling, reading, experimenting and prototyping (just about anything!), eating and cooking (vegetarian puhleeeaze!), sketching, origami, music, running and talking (to a LOT of people). I also, at times, carry small pocket tricks (oh yes, I do perform for entertainment's sake, when with family and friends).

That said, let me also tell you what I don't enjoy - Naysayers, chauvinism (of any sort!), the people who love to say "Mirror Mirror on the wall..." and short temperament.

From my childhood I've always enjoyed dabbling with paints, sharpening pencils and creating some "masterpieces" :-P . Over time I learnt a lot more ways to creatively engage myself and successfully turned my mind into a creative junkyard.

I didn't enjoy the Indian education system adopted by the Matriculation boards and Engineering colleges and finally ended up forcefully "mugging" bits and bytes of data into a mind that had place for only creative junk. Though I've managed to free myself from the travails of these education systems, I do nurture an urge to change this in India sometime (waiting...!)

Started my "professional" life as "jobless" person creating software that helped small businesses manage their marketing and salesforce (and yes - I did make some money!). Its only a couple of years ago that I got to hear that the world calls such people as "entrepreneurs". Had I known this then, peer pressures would've not got me join the "MNC" rat-race. A steady salary and a "MNC" job is something that aptly relates to the way a seasoned middle-class mind thinks like.

I finally did manage to work for "MNCs" (Yippie!). More on what happened professionally can be seen here.

Along the way I've enjoyed getting trained in a Karate, Cricket and Basketball. Have earned a 2nd degree black-belt in Goju-Ryu style of Karate which I practiced for 12 years, practiced cricket for over 6 years and played a couple of Tamilnadu D-division matches. Learnt to play a Harmonica (5/10), Veena (3/10) and now caught interest for learning to play a Guitar (wish me luck with the last one!)

Guess you've now learnt enough about me :) To know more, do give me a buzz at karthik (at) karthikvijayakumar (dot) com

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