August 31, 2008

Chennai Marathon 2008 - It Happened Today...

The Chennai Marathon finally happened today. I've never seen a crowd as big as this in Chennai ever before! There were loads of runners at both, the half-marathon starting point and the 7-kilometer race starting point. The latter was filled with more school and college kids. With my injured knee, the only thing I could (and wanted) to do was to cheer my Chennai Runners team. They were all there when I went there at 6:05AM, ready for நம்ம சென்னை run.

The drizzle at about 5:30AM played the spoil-sport. The weather got very humid, and I expected the run to be a taxing one (looks like it indeed was so). As I'd forgotten to take my camera with me, I resorted to using my mobile's camera. It's only today that I realized that Nokia E90 indeed has a really good camera! Below are some pictures...

Overall, the crowd was good. For the rest of the news, do check out shortly.

Update: From feedbacks received so far, I understand that this event was not well organized. Moreover, a 21 year-old runner apparently died in this run.

Update: Here is the link for the news on this unfortunate event.

Update: I understand that there was no adequate refreshments provided for runners. Sad to see such an unprofessional organization.

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