August 22, 2008

Finally, A Real Solution To Heart Disease

In continuation of my previous post on FACT: Over 50% of today’s health advice is wrong and obsolete, here is some more from that informative email on Heart Diseases...

People are exercising like crazy, changing their diets, gulping supplements, and taking expensive drugs to lower their cholesterol. Yet none of this is making a dent in heart attack statistics. Why? Because high cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease. Here’s what does and what cures it...

Doctors are finally having second thoughts about cholesterol’s role in heart disease. The reason has been obvious for years. Cholesterol-lowering drugs have failed to make a dent in heart attack rates. And not one study has been able to show that these drugs do anything to lengthen a person’s lifespan. Yet, 20 percent of all Americans over 55 currently take a cholesterol drug and most M.D.s believe more people should be on them. But these doctors are barking up the wrong tree. Here’s why…

FACT: More than 60% of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels.

FACT: The majority of people with high cholesterol never suffer heart attacks.

FACT: Half of all heart attack victims have none of the standard risk factors (i.e., smoking, obesity, genetics, or high cholesterol).

Cholesterol is innocent

I’ve been proclaiming cholesterol’s innocence since 1992, and plenty of convincing research confirms this. The real culprit is inflammation in the arteries, not cholesterol. Finally, the American Heart Association is beginning to agree.(3) They’ve found that people with heart disease all have one factor in common, and it isn’t high cholesterol. It’s inflammation in their arteries.

This may be big news in the medical community, but I reported on this 11 years ago in ALTERNATIVES. In that article I gave an easy way to halt artery inflammation for about 5 cents a day. Readers who heeded my early advice will be way ahead of the game, if and when doctors announce an official about-face.

But given their bias against any vitamin therapy, doctors probably won’t advise this simple approach. Instead, their answer will be anti-inflammatory drugs, the next new “miracle cure.” Unfortunately, this approach will prove to be as misguided as cholesterol medications were.

The real solution to heart disease

The real solution is to halt the causes of inflammation, one of which is homocysteine, a harmless acid-like waste product that forms when you eat red meat and other protein foods. Homocysteine is quickly broken down by certain B vitamins, so it isn’t usually a problem. But if a person isn’t getting enough of these B vitamins (a widespread and disturbing problem in our country today), then homocysteine builds up to dangerous levels and “burns” the delicate tissue of artery walls. Plaque is then formed at the site of this inflammation as the body attempts to heal the damage.

How dangerous is this? Studies show that a high level of homocysteine is one of the most dangerous risk factors for heart disease. It increases a person’s risk of heart attack by 300 percent!

If you’re thinking a little extra B-vitamin intake would correct the problem, you’re on the right track. That’s exactly how some alternative M.D.s handle the problem. Studies as far back as 1988 show that this B vitamin lowers homocysteine levels back into the safety zone in just weeks. It has an 80% success rate. And the cost is about 5 cents a day.

The secret thyroid connection

But if you’re a good detective (and I think you are), you’re probably wondering what’s causing this B-vitamin deficiency in the first place? Closer investigation reveals that an underactive thyroid gland is at the root of the problem. This malfunction inhibits the absorption of B vitamins, causing homocysteine levels to skyrocket. The connection between the thyroid and heart disease was first mentioned in the 1976 book, Solved: The Riddle of Heart Attacks, by Dr. Broda Barnes. His research was largely ignored by the medical community, until the release of a study in 1999. At the Cleveland Clinic, researchers corrected the thyroid function in patients and saw homocysteine levels normalize on their own—without any need for vitamins.

FACT: Eating Less Cholesterol Won’t Help Your Heart!

There are a lot of mistaken notions going around today about cholesterol and heart disease—even among doctors. Example: Patients and the general public are told to cut down on high-cholesterol foods to keep their blood cholesterol level down. But this won’t work.

The fact is: The cholesterol in your diet has very little effect on the cholesterol in your blood. You could completely eliminate all cholesterol from your diet and your liver would just produce more of it, because your body needs cholesterol. On the other hand, eating more cholesterol would cause your liver to reduce production to maintain consistent levels.

The bottom line? You’re wasting your time struggling to eat less cholesterol!(4) A more effective strategy is to replace those unhealthy fats (such as those listed in my Report) with my more healthful recommendations... eating more fiber... taking certain antioxidants... and supplementing your diet with the plaque-dissolving substances described in my Special Bonus Report, How to De-Plaque Your Arteries. You won’t need drugs to succeed. And you won’t need surgery down the road. Click here to get your FREE copy of my report today to read all the facts.

(4) In a famous long-term study, doctors carefully monitored men and women for 10 years and found no correlation between the cholesterol they ate and the cholesterol in their blood.

Very few doctors, alternative or otherwise, are making this connection. But I believe if and when doctors get to the root of this problem, heart disease will nearly vanish. But that’s not all. An underactive thyroid and B-vitamin deficiency cause other health problems, too. It has been linked to Alzheimer’s... depression...and memory loss. Further symptoms include: Decrease in sexual desire (especially in males)...Obesity and weight-gain (because fats aren’t being metabolized adequately)...Cold hands and feet...A weak immune system (making you more vulnerable to colds, flu, respiratory infections, and cancers)...Constipation...and Allergies, among others.

The common cause of many health problems

Sound familiar? You’re right again. These are the very health problems driving Americans to doctors in droves. Yet hypothyroidism is often missed and misdiagnosed these days. Most physicians usually treat these symptoms as individual problems. Modern medicine has become so “specialized,” doctors no longer see the forest for the trees.

It may seem incredible that one tiny gland can cause so many problems. But when you realize how crucial the thyroid is to so many important bodily functions, it begins to make sense. The truth is, we’ve got an invisible epidemic on our hands. Millions of Americans have malfunctioning thyroids without even realizing it. Symptoms are so commonplace, they’re considered “normal.” But it will be years before doctors catch on.

What’s causing the problem?

Three significant agricultural changes that have occurred in our country over the past 50 years are creating mineral deficiencies in our food supply, which in turn are causing widespread thyroid dysfunction. (One of those minerals, iodine, is absolutely essential to thyroid health.) My Special Report, The Hidden Cause of Heart Disease– And Its Easy Cure, describes each of these changes and explains how you can easily correct their effects. Neither a doctor’s visit nor a prescription are required—you can cure this on your own. Here’s how…

Check your thyroid. There’s an easy test that quickly reveals if you have an underactive thyroid. You can do it at home. All you need is an ordinary thermometer and a few simple directions that are spelled out in my Report. You’ll get an immediate answer.

How to correct the problem. There are two simple remedies to make your thyroid function normally again. Both are described in my Report. They’re easy, inexpensive, and produce fast results. I’ll provide complete directions.

Results are quick and impressive

Many people are delighted to find that, once their thyroid is fully functional again, they begin to lose weight…experience less depression…have a stronger sex drive…and suffer fewer colds and infections. Most see significant improvement within a few days!

MY ADVICE: It will take a long, long time before doctors acknowledge the link between heart disease and the thyroid gland. Until they do, it’s up to you to take care of yourself and your loved ones. My Special Report will be a big help.

Just remember, stopping inflammation in your arteries won’t reverse heart disease, but it will limit the formation of new plaque. If you really want to stay safe from a heart attack or stroke, your next step should be to clean out the old gunk in your artery walls. This, too, is easy to do. And it’s so important that I’ve created another Special Report that will show you how to do it. It’s entitled How to De-Plaque Your Arteries, and these two Reports are the 1-2 punch that will flatten heart disease. Click here to get them now.

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