May 06, 2007

Two...ahem!...sorry , its 'gonna' be Ten to Tango!

No, I'm not trying to change the English idiom or talking about a new version of the 1988 classic. I'm talking about the United States visa mandate. Today, to get a visa to the United States, you will need to implant the fingerprints of two fingers (left and right hand index fingers) for their records.

The reason United States has quoted is that - 'Identification is getting difficult with fingerprints of just two fingers'. This is something that makes me think - "What if the 10 finger fingerprint starts to get difficult?". There is just another external part in the human body that is unique to everyone - the jaw bone. I'm sure this is going to be a part of the security measurements that one will need to give in, say, 7 years from now. Eye scan is already something that the United States do currently.

With whole-body scan being introduced in a couple (or more) airports in the USA (currently an optional one - based on the traveller's consent), its getting a whole lot of questions and apprehensions from people across the globe. One would definetly not want to let people (even the one who scans) see below what he/ she is wearing!!! Though they claim that the person who scans gets to see just an abstract view of the body parts, this has infact raised a lot of questions already.

We got to wait and watch what happens!

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