May 06, 2007

The Indian Cricket - Valued like Gold

The value of Gold is something that has never gone down from yesteryears to date. Its been the most-watched and the most emotional sport of all time. Despite the fact that the entire nation knew the inside stories of the Indian cricket world, its always been close to their hearts. The value of Cricket in India is like Gold.

From the days of Ravi Shastri, Sunil Gavaskar to the days of Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni (from what I've seen), "controversy" has taken the center stage many a time. Match-fixing, ball-tampering, betting has been the most common of the various controversies.

From an other angle, Gold is something that doesn't lose value as it gets old - on the other hand, it gains value. So is the case with Indian cricket. Sunil Gavaskar - the superstart of yesteryears, and Sachin Tendulkar - of today, are both very good examples of this. They have grown old, but their value has never dwindled!

The recent "Great Loss" (if I may say so) of the Indian cricket team (and Indian cricketing spirit) at the World Cup 2007 is another good example. I am tempted to compare the recent happenings in the world of Indian cricket to the Indian Sensex - It dipped and jumped back on track again after a brief period in time. The resiliency has been high in the case of the Indian Stock Market Sensex and I expect the same to be in the case of the Indian cricket (and the spirits of cricketing fans around India).

It was just a month ago that the news tabloids carried the headlines "Angry Indian cricket fans pulverize MS Dhoni's home" (wordings were different though). Today's headlines that I read on MSN News carried the headlines - "Fan breaches security, hugs Dhoni"! Such are the minds of we (yes, I admit being a fan too) Indian fans.

The most ridiculous comment (with the recent spate of losses of the Indian team, both in WC 2007 and the prior matches) I read was in Rediff news, where Ravi Shastri is reported to have told them (when asked about the older players) - "Sachin is hungry... Just be patient with Sachin, Sehwag and (see) what they are capable of,". Hungry?? comments :-)

Net-Net, its time that the Indian Cricket Board and the selection process changed to what they have in Australia. Its time we kept 'politics' away from the Indian Cricket.

- An Indian Cricket fan.

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