May 01, 2007

Did it again and again and again...but now here to stay on!

This is my sixth (and final) innings at Blogger!...Yes, trust me, I've always started to blog, but never did I continue doing it...You may call it lack of perseverance or just blame it on laziness and 'lack of time'..

I started blogging without knowing what is a 'blog'. I continued creating a blog space in every possible blog hosting, rediff, indiatimes, etc...just name it! Only now did I realize that blogging is nothing to do with creating just a 'web presence' but had something more associated with 'collaborate' with a much larger audience....a world of people. Hence, I thought of putting down a 5 pointer for people who are still contemplating on blogging and wondering "Is blogging my piece of cake?"

Five pointer:
  1. Do you have a penchant to communicate - writing or talking?
  2. Have you always wanted to share a thought with people?
  3. Do you have atleast 5 minutes in a day to spend time on the internet?
  4. Are you someone who has been practicing an art/sport for long time?
  5. Is 'laziness' your second name?
If the answers to points 1 through 4 is a "YES" and to point 5 is a big "NO", I would say blogging is certainly something you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life.

I guess most of veteran bloggers here would concur with the 5 pointer. What say?

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