May 04, 2007

I eat food out of garbage bins!

No, I'm not the one who said that..... This was the title of an article that I read in the Financial Times magazine on my flight from Los Angeles to Frankfurt.

My previous article was about finding good Veggie food outlets in Chennai. But this one is not even close to it. To find out, read on...

In today's world where people shop around for varities of food at supermarkets and restaurants, there is this person in England who has been living out of garbage bins! No, its not a joke, but the truth. Again, No, he is not doing this because he can't afford to buy food, but for a different reason - "To Protest againt the wasting of food by these supermarkets"

Little do we realize that food that we see available in the supermarket are dumped after they reach the "expiry" date. Yes, expiry date does apply to many of the food, but not all of them. In an attempt to reduce redundancy in information on the internet, I would like to direct you to the web link to the article on Financial Times magazine. Click here and read on.

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