May 02, 2007

Canine menace in Chennai streets

The canine population has off-late taken a steep rise in the streets of Chennai metro. On an average, you get to notice atleast 3 dogs per street in the city of Singara Chennai. The smaller the streets, the more the number of canines you will see. This has been an impediment to the activities of many people at daybreak. Walkers/ Joggers, News Chronicle delivery agents, Milk delivery agents are some of the regulars you come across in the streets starting from early morning 4AM to about 7AM. Being a morning runner myself, I've been challenged many a time by these by a pack of a dozen canines!

"How can we alleviate this 'Canine Challenge' in the streets of Chennai?"....this has often been going on the top of the mind for many people. Has the state government taken any measures? be frank...NO. But I've seen some measures being taken by local area communities and associations. But this has, in most cases, resulted in the slaughtering of these canines using poison and strangulation. This is not fair! Why does one need to kill these canines?

What is a solution to this?
I feel, the best solution (spearheaded by the state government) would be to float a program to control (and potentially eradicate) stray dogs in the metro roads. This program should incorporate a set of kennels spanning across the city, where these stray dogs (caught from the streets of Chennai) are kept and vaccined. To avoid the problem of multiplication of these stray dogs in the kennels, a birth-control program should be put in force for these stray dogs. NGOs like People For Animals (PFA), Blue Cross, etc are some of the organizations that could extend support in this program.

Public, what say you?

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