May 28, 2007

Chennai Runners Homepage

We at Chennai Runners have been actively working towards getting the message out - the mantra that we have been wanting to spread to all the Chennaiites for quiet sometime - "Run and Stay fit".

As a part of our campaign, we have also started to work on a web site for Chennai Runners, which will help the world know what we are, where we are and how to join us. A few days back I'd posted a couple of logos that we created for Chennai Runners.

Today, I'd like to post the first-cut of the welcome page of our web site. I would like to get your views and comments on the web page - either by mail or on the comments section. The "picture" that you will see in the welcome page is just a placeholder for any picture that can convey the spirit of Chennai Runners - this is bound to change based on the availability of good pictures.

Oops..the screen capture seems to have got too distorted. You can click on the picture to get a better view. Else, do let me know if you would like to have a better version of the welcome page. I can point you to that if needed.


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