May 11, 2007

Sun Opens Java - Brings Java FX to light

Sun Microsystems has finally announced the Open Source edition of Java on May 8th 2007 at the JavaOne conference. This has been the most awaited news since last year's JavaOne. This will bring about a lot of buzz and activity across the spectrum of java user communities across the globe.

Open Source Java is likely to be licensed under the new GPL2 license model. The strongpoint of this licensing model has been sighted as - emphasis on the community model. Sun has also promised a "faster,faster,faster" version of the Java SE (v6) to be released this year.

This is not all! Sun also announced a set of "consumer facing java application products" - Java FX.....a product family with Java FX Script being the tool for creating content for Web and Web 2.0-oriented applications. The promise is to create highly interactive and animated content running on computers, digital TVs, regular TVs and mobile devices, and have your content look the same across all platforms and behave the same way.

Java FX script would not be like the other scripts (aimed at generating HTML pages), but one that would be potentially used by content authoring professionals. It would be the traditional Swing on a glass - a mix of Swing and Java 2D, and would use the client machine's JVM, which would bring in a lot of security into Java FX. Ajax, which uses javascript, runs on the browser's Javascript VM, and loses on the security front.

Will Java FX change the world of Web 2.0? Will Ajax be kicked off?
- Here is my take - There is still something that I'm not totally convinced about Java FX - the "speed" of execution - due to the use of the JVM. Given the fact that Sun plans to release a "faster, faster, faster" version of Java SE v6 in this year, I'd prefer reserving my comments till the third quarter '07.

Here is a Webcast of the Java FX launch at JavaOne 2007 - Click on the below hyperlink

Announcing Java FX

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