May 19, 2007

The Global Thing

I'm not going to talk about either Globalization or Global Enterprises, but about another Global "something" that will potentially result in a Global "nothing". Yes, I'm referring to Global Warming...

People have talked about this a million times in a million places, but nothing has ever happened...
Its been discussed in multiple forums, but there are still a group of scientists who dismiss saying that "There is nothing called Global Warming" or "Don't believe in this 'Global Warming' thing...its just a rumour, and its not proven"; Politicians dismiss this saying "We are working towards a solution!".

The United States and China are the top contributors to the Global Warming that is taking place, and they seem to least react to this alarming situation. The foremost reason being that these countries are using some of the most ancient technologies at factories and other establishments, that significantly contribute to the temperature rise.

India is no less! ....we will soon catch up with these big countries in contributing to the creation of a monster called "Global Warming". Recently, in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, the chief of DMK celebrated his "50 years in politics" by lighting up the such an extent that it Chennai looked like Las Vegas. This is the worst way one can destroy the earth!

I see it as a responsibility of every human being on planet earth to consciously change this deteriorating situation. Here are a few tips that we, as a world citizen should do to make earth a better place to live for our future (and possibly us) generation :
  1. Buy vehicles that offer good mileage - This reduces the amount of waste fuel
  2. But electronic appliances that consume lesser power
  3. Dispose waste materials (not plastic!) dumping them in deep pits - Not burning them!
  4. Avoid the use of Plastic bags
  5. Plant a lot of trees around where we live - Plant and water one tree per month!
  6. Save electricity - Use electrical appliances as required - Avoid using them when not really needed
These are some points that I can think of. Should you have more points, please email me.

Thanks....and look forward to your cooperation!

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