December 22, 2008

Somethings Right and Somethings Not Right

With less than 10 days to go before we conclude the year 2008 and settle our accounts with the merchant called Time, it makes all the more sense to spend some time to take a retrospective view this year.

I'm sure its been an eventful year for most of us. The year 2008 has shown the glimmer side of the world to us in many ways and very tactfully hidden the positive side of things. From an economy perspective, the year woke up to the Startup Boom and slowly this got well consumed by the overpowering economic downturn in the Americas and the the rest of the world (ROW) countries.

While the hard work done in the last year paid off for some, some of us were subjected to a trough which has nevertheless made one wiser than ever before. From personal experience and from peoples' shared experience, we should bear in mind that Failures are the Stepping Stones to Success. In my mind, this is a cyclic thing - Without Success, one would not know what is Failure and without Failure, one would not know what the taste of Success really is!
Successes and Failures are two sides of a sinusoidal waveform that generates the energy to power the engine called Life. What really matters is how adaptive and resilient we are to this thing called Change. The quicker we react to Change, the faster we move!

Remember one thing - Life is a marathon...just run it! There are times when we slow down and there are times when we sprint. Slowing down does not mean that you will lose the race (unlike a short distance run).

The slower periods in life are like pit stops in the F1 circuit - As long as you use them wisely (to refuel), you are assured of a strong finish!

All I wanted to do in this post was just to tell my readers - You Are A Winner! Never Give Up! No matter what happened in 2008, you have become a wiser person! Use the lessons learnt to strategically plan your next move!

Wish you a Merry Xmas and a Very Happy and Fruitful New Year! As always, Stay Inspired!

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