December 01, 2008

5 Days and 16 Hours to go...

With just 5 days to go before I hit the asphalt to embark my first full-marathon in Singapore, the anxiety is increasing more than ever. It's been raining in my city for the whole of last week which eventually flooded the roads with atleast knee-deep water. This fluffed my training and now, even worse, I've been struck with cold and wheezing.

Generally, any health problem above the neck is something that can't stop me from running. But, its been over three years since I was struck with wheezing, and it feels like a new thing to me's below my neck! Will that force me to stop running? Nay....infact, it's now time to add some exceptions to my earlier rule of thumb!

Now, I've tweaked the rule to include a new clause -
You can run if you don't have a problem below the neck. BUT, you can run even if you have a mild respiratory infection if you have a marathon in less than 15 days time. Just don't overstrain!

Well, these are the Brick Walls that tests one's commitment. These are the testing moments that measures the body's and mind's limits. So far, I've had these brick walls in the form of knee injury, flooded roads, cold and wheezing. The accompanying side-effect of these problems has been the increase of body weight, which has been the other brick wall which I've managed to fight with some decent success.

Overall, everything is looking good - Brick walls are good to have....they help us discover A Better ME. Never say die and never give up! Stay Inspired!

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