December 22, 2007

Want to Earn Promotions in 2008? Here is what you go to do

This is for people especially in the IT industry or IT department of a non-IT industry. Here is what you will be needing to do to earn promotions in 2008 according to -
  1. Run the IT department like a profit and loss center.

  2. Generate ideas for business growth and work with a business unit head to implement them.

  3. Solve business problems. "You want executives coming to you with IT issues and issues that have nothing to do with IT because you're a good problem-solver," says Stephen Pickett, vice president and CIO of transportation services company Penske.
Here are some of my pointers (they are abstract..but you will understand it if you've had experiences in the industry innovation space) -
  1. Keep a close tab on trends in the industry and the market

  2. Observe key processes in your industry/company

  3. Whatever role you play, walk that extra mile - Its going to be the key differentiator

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