December 12, 2007

Introducing "Sketchibit"

For those interested in taking a plunge into the ocean of creativity and art, here is something really intresting. Its Sketchibit out there. Sketchibit?? What does that mean?..I'm not quiet surprised to see this question floating at the top of your mind. Sketchibit is a combination of two English words - "Sketch" and "Exhibit". Its a platform for people like You and Me to vent out and showcase those amateur/ talented artist in us. Its on a Beta phase currently.

Some excerpts from the Ideas! section of this wonderful site...

Well, all of us were given a box of crayons (for sure!) during our kindergarten days! If you've not realized the artist in you, we are here to help you Sketchibit your artistic talent.

Here are some questions we'd like you to think over -

    • Did you ever realize those moments when the pen in your hand scribbled something in the scrap paper while you were busy on the phone?

    • Remember the time when you helped your kid complete a drawing assignment?

    • The day when you imagined your boss/teacher with a tail and two horns? (Gotcha!)

    • Remember those school exam days, when you drew those funny pictures in your answer book (not knowing what to answer!) ?

    • The days during Halloween when you painted your face?

    • Remember the times when you painted your house walls with some new designs?

Yeah! There is indeed a unique artist in you. Why don't you share your creativity with others? Here, we offer you the stage to Sketchibit your artistic talent!

The art need not be just something that you did on the paper. It can be the one you painted on your face, on the wall, on the car, your little dog kennel, on your neighbor's car, just anywhere!

Sketchibit works best on Firefox browser. The team is working on more features, and lets hope to see more features in the days to come.

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