December 05, 2007 - Wiki with a Difference!

When the web world is moving towards increased collaboration, its nice to know about I just bumped into this website while reading an article on Its a wiki that offers a secure collaboration environment for various kinds of user groups.

A couple of key features of this wiki is that -
  • It offers Fax integration
    • You send a fax to a special 800 number, and it gets converted into a PDF
  • It offers Voice Mail
    • Record your voice messages and attach them to pages
I'm now keen to try this out sometime when I get a few minutes. They have a banner in the site that reads "Get your first wiki now. Sign Up! Its Free!". They also have a pricing list that never mentions about this "Free" subscription. Its a bit misleading. Will anyway want to give this a shot.

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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks.. this looks pretty nice. I just went to the site and they must have changed their pricing page because the free wiki is there now. I think I'll give them a try - I am looking for a wiki for my classroom.