December 09, 2007

Art and Creativity

Drawing and painting has been for long known as the outcome of the creative right brain. There is a creator in each one of us, but the differentiating factor has been the extent to which each one uses it.

Based on personal experiences, its the environment that matters the most. When the brain is subjected to an environment that continuously exposes a myriad of different activities, the right side starts to develop. A simple analogy of a creative mind is to a creative art. The more the colors, shapes and shades are used, the more attractive the art becomes. A quirky stick figure can be made more attractive when painted with good colors.

Amongst various other forms of creativity sources, Art is a very key component. We all were given a box of crayons during our kindergarten days. Most of us have the habit of fiddling with the pen and a paper during a telephone call or a conversation. But we never notice the outcome of what we did, until someone else points it out!

There are days when we sit with kids to help them with their art classroom assignments. Did you ever realize how light your mind becomes at the end of this exercise? Art potentially acts as a stress buster, and hence creates space in the right side of your brain to think creatively.

Creativity needs space! I'm not talking about physical space, but mental space. When the brain is preoccupied with thoughts and conflicts at work or with other personal issues, the brain gets tired and hence loses the chance to develop creativity.

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Noelevz said...

I absolutely agree with you with this one!