December 08, 2007

Share What You Learn (SWYL) Series

We learn a lot of things in our daily life. In my case, more bytes of data has been traveling into my memory (L) every minute than the number of times my heart beats (H) :-) ! Mathematically I'm tempted to put it as L=(H)^N, where "N" is a variable quantity that varies with the time of the day.

Well, the point I'm trying to make in this article is that learning needs to be shared, and I've planned to write a series of Share What You Learn (SWYL - can be pronounced as "Swil") posts. These posts will focus predominantly in the areas of Technology, Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Running (and the related areas).

I've been constructing a house these days, and the visits to the construction site has been triggering so many thoughts. Its a good experience to understand first-hand that Civil Architecture and I/T Architecture are so much related. You should see a lot of posts in these lines ("Architecture") in some of my future posts.

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