February 04, 2008

A tip to Greatness...

Being great or feeling great is not essentially the way people perceive one to be. Its the way one feels about him(her)self. As I said in my first post of this year, the world outside of us is simply a reflection of the world inside of us.

Here is a tip that will help you live your day with a feeling of absolute greatness -
"In an A4 size paper, write down the positive affirmation that you've always wanted to feel like. Stick this on the mirror in your bedroom. Every morning, look at this and close your eyes for two minutes to visualize yourself as one who embodies that positive affirmation. Take three deep breaths and feel the freshness in you, the greatness in you. Walk out of the room with confidence!"
Do this for atleast 21 consecutive days (if you miss even one day, start afresh!) And, you know what? This works!

You can also apply this to get rid of a negative quality in you. Say, you would like to get rid of your anger. Just write down "I never get angry" as an affirmation. It works. Try it out..

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