February 08, 2008

My IBM Redbooks - Another Mashup from the IBM shelves

What is My IBM Redbooks?

My IBM® Redbooks® is a Web 2.0 mashup that remixes IBM Redbooks. It uses many of the most popular IBM Redbooks, enabling you to create customized books based on your interests and needs.

Chapters can be merged from any of the available IBM Redbooks, allowing you to create a personalized book for anything from an end-to-end solution consisting of various chapters from multiple IBM Redbooks to a book with only a few chapters of interest.

How does it work?

From an XML file, the user interface loads the available domains, IBM Redbooks, and chapters, which are then presented to you. After you make selections, the resulting chapters are merged back into a single PDF file. This process allows you to combine only those chapters of interest into a single PDF that can be referenced or shared with others. The application uses various tools for splitting and merging PDF files, and it uses XML for defining the user interface.

You can download the kit here.

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