February 09, 2008

Chennai Marathon happening tomorrow - A "Planned" Fiasco

The Chennai Marathon is scheduled (just four days back) to happen tomorrow. I must give credit to this marathon for proving to be the world's most infamous running event (I'd not want to call this a "marathon" at all). Here are some salient points regarding this event that would qualify it to the "World's most infamous running event" -
  1. The marathon is announced exactly 4 days ahead of the D-Day.
  2. The runs are planned to begin at 7AM (or later...depending upon when the invited celebrities need to arrive to flag off the run!)
  3. The running routes are not announced in any place clearly (except for the rampant rumors)
  4. Parking space for vehicles have not been planned (I called one of the organizing team members, and was flabbergasted to see his nonchalant reply "I dont know Sir...we've planned parking for VIP vehicles only. You gotto park your vehicles at your own risk")
  5. No clear information on the number of water points available in the planned route
  6. There are three registration centers announced. But the interesting part is that one of the registration centers asks for a "fitness certificate" for half-marathon registration, while the other registers runners without one
  7. Totally inexperienced people manning the registration centers (the person in the center where I registered - Shenoy Nagar Swimming pool - said that he was new to this job, and he didn't know the formalities!)
These are just some that come to my mind. We at Chennai Runners have been taking so much pains in organizing our ECR Runs. I'm just surprised by the way the organizers (Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu and Hero Ultra) have handled this event. It can't get any worse. Will definitely write more on this after my run tomorrow.

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