February 04, 2008

2008 is going to be a 'Running Year'

This year is going to be a special year to me as far as running is concerned. I've decided to make two things happen -
  1. Burn the road everyday! - Yes, I've decided to burn the road and clock an average of 40 Kilometers (approx 25miles) a week
  2. Complete atleast one marathon - Singapore Marathon is for sure. I've still not decided the second one
  3. Complete as many half-marathons as possible (running the Chennai Runners' Classic Route itself is a half-marathon)
I've been averaging at 31.726 kilometers per week so far.

There is a section "My Runs on MotionBased" on the right side on the right side of my blog, that will have links to all my latest runs. Should you be interested in joining me during my runs, do send me an email. If you are a Chennaiite or if you are one of those people who frequents Chennai, I invite you to join Chennai Runners.
Regular running increases your physical and mental fitness levels(or, call it the Bodymind) and also aid you in cultivating ultimate self-discipline and self-control, which are some of the keys to success in every sphere of life!

Have a great day...!

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