February 03, 2008

38 Days of 0% Blogging and 100% Learning

To all Subscribers, Readers and Regulars of my blog,

Wish you a very Happy 2008! I know its already February...but its always better late than never :-)

I'm sure many of you have been wondering what this "Blog Break" status on my Twitter means. I've got a decent number of people asking me this question too (Thanks for mailing me!). Well, I had no specific reason for taking this short break from the world of blogging. Having said that, it doesn't mean that the 38 days did not matter much....IT DID! I used these 38 days to take care of myself.

Most of us have been busy doing great stuff around in both our personal and professional lives, that we less do give time to ourselves. We do make it a point to take the car for a service, but never thought that one of the most complex systems - our body - needs some attention!

No, don't move your mouse to the top right side of the window!.....I'm not trying to talk about something philosophical here. Here is the message I would like to convey in this first 2008-post of mine -
"To Change the World around you, Change the World Inside You. Change has to happen from inside"
Have a great year ahead!

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