June 03, 2007

"Search Chennai" - A Web 2.0 Portal

There are a zillion websites and web pages that offer links to various places and areas of interest in Chennai. But most of these links lead to pages that most often are outdated. What if we had a website that hosted data and information about ins and outs of Chennai - and managed by Chennaiites! ? What if Chennaiites could collaborate to both, consume and refine information! ?

"Search Chennai" is for the Newbies in the city of Chennai, or for those who are planning to migrate to Chennai from an outside location (viz., R2I). Search Chennai is a Web 2.0 portal that is designed to serve people with content and information that has been populated and refined by Chennaiites. Its a Wiki that has just been rolled out on PBWiki's powerful Wiki hosting service.

I will need help from Chennaiites in populating the Wiki with information and data. I see many people put up some really useful information in their blogs and other personal web spaces. It will be great if you could add the same to this portal too. Some basic categories of information has been created as placeholders under the Quicklinks section on the Wiki main page.

I also request everyone of you to please forward this link (http://searchchennai.pbwiki.com/) to as many Chennaiites you know. This is an effort to effectively create and harvest information about Chennai. I look forward to your support.

I also appreciate comments - good and/or bad - to this idea. Thank you very much!

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