June 21, 2007

10 Days . Zero (close to) Running . Zero Blogging

This best describes the past 10 days. I've often discovered this in me - Lost in thoughts, daubed with emotions, days filled with introspection. Neither do I know why this happens, nor do I know if this is a common happening in the lives of many other people.

The one thing I like about these days is that it makes me a more 'positive' being. My thinking get much clearer after these days. I sometimes compare this to a 'maintenance period'. The mind is a machine that works better and faster than any physical machine created by man....even the computer. When software houses plan a maintenance shutdown to these physical machines once every quarter, why not accept the fact that this mental machine needs a 'pit stop' once in a month?

I've often witnessed myself being more resourceful and creative after this 'refueling' exercise (which is something I've never been able to gain control over!...its how the firmware was coded :-)..."We are programmed to receive")

Having said that, I hope to get myself going in all spheres of my daily life now on....until my next 'pit stop'. Kudos to the most fascinating creation of God - The Mind!

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