June 01, 2007

0 to 21.1 km in 7!

No, I'm not going to talk about a race bike. Its about the man who did a half marathon from "Zero running " in 6-7 weeks...

Yes, thats Ravi for you. Works in a company that I used to work for. Runs with a team that I am a part of. Runs like a seasoned marathoner who has completed a dozen marathons. It was my first long run on Sunday, the 27th May 2007, after a respite of more than a month. I was almost felt like a tyro to running. This was when I met Ravi, a soft spoken enthusiastic runner.

Not having run for a long time, I thought of picking up someone who would give me company through the run. I thought Ravi was the right choice, as I knew he was quiet new to the group. The run began and I couldn't make after about 6kms.....Ravi was far ahead of me. I quit the decided route and did my quota at the Anna University grounds and got back to our starting point at CP Ramasamy road. Was surprised to see Ravi reach the spot in 1.5 hours - covering 8miles! That was an amazing timing!

This is when I realized that Ravi had completed the Bangalore Midnight Marathon just over a week back. He had never run before in his life. He joined the team and also completed his first half marathon (esp. a Midnight Marathon) in 2.5 Hours in just a few months time!

Running is sheer Fun. A fun-filled activity to stay fit!

If you've ever thought that running is for the PT Ushas or Michael Johnsons, its time you gave it another thought! It is indeed for anyone who wants to have fun!

The spirit of running is not only in marathons or races, its also in the short errands to the store next street! Think about it!


Ravi said...

Thanks buddy. This is very flattering !

Unknown said...

Kudos to you. I hope you get to be an inspiration to many beginners.

chandana easwaramurthy said...

sure,it did inspire me..