June 09, 2007

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Chennai Runners in the news. This is something we've been trying to do, to spread the message of Running, and the inherent fun associated with it. There has been a lot of questions and opinions on why we need to hit the news. Here are my mentations on the 'need' for media support.

What is our mantra?
  1. We want to spread a message - The fun in running, for a reason - Healthy living
  2. We underpin the message with our activity - Running
  3. We want more people to consciously think of running as a daily routine
How do we make Chennai chant the mantra of "Healthy Living"?
  1. Reach out to people living across the length and breadth of the city
  2. Accomplish the above by running in different parts of the city - Chennai Runners tshirt and caps will help here
  3. Why do we want to spread "Chennai Runners" group, than just running? - Running, if done without prior experience, can lead to injuries. We offer support and mentoring to people who want to start running
  4. How serious are we with running and this message? - Nike supports us! That itself speaks a thousand words
  5. How do we spread this mantra, and our existence? - Media comes to play here
What is in it for the media? Why cover/ support us?
  1. They get to spread a very good message
  2. They get to advertise their brand
  3. The sponsors (which the media will garner) will get to advertise with a message that they support a cause
What is in it (media coverage) for us?
  1. We want to do a long run, and we need logistic support (water, refreshment, etc)
  2. We get to spread a message (the core reason why we started to run - Fun filled way to stay healthy)
  3. We are also supporting a bunch of kids who run at the SDAT (Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu) grounds - Media relations can help us highlight the efforts put in by these kids - which will helps us get them into a decent educational institute
Net-Net, run is fun....but we want many more Chennaiites to realize (and practice) this. We want these poor kids to get something noteworthy out of this exercise.

Lets run and lets make Chennai run with us..
Lets get ahead and lets help these kids get ahead..

Dear Reader,

Should this (fun-filled running) interest you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, or visit our website. Lets have fun, and live a healthy life!



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