June 08, 2007

The Art of Creative Thinking

There is this friend of mine who recently asked me a question that set me thinking. The question was a totally unexpected one. It went like - "Karthik, why do you blog? From Dilbert, Running and Eating to Business Studies and Technology...." - Thats an interesting question and a noteworthy observation :-)

Ever since the five point realization, blogging has become a habit more than a task to me. Blogging has given me an opportunity to express myself and my thoughts beyond boundaries. Being a deep thinker, its the challenge of expressing myself as always challenged me. Thoughts travel in the speed faster than that of light. Capturing them is always the challenge.

In electronic circuits, there is something called as a 'heat sink', which is used to absorb the heat dissipated by the components like resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc. This in turn helps the electronic components to function better and betters efficiency. This is precisely what blog does to this complex mind of mine. The feeling after blogging an article is awesome.

So that answers the first part of my friend's question "Karthik, why do you blog?". Now comes the tricky (and interesting) part - "From Dilbert, Running and Eating to Business Studies and Technology....". This can be answered in a nut-shell....but let me not do that.

If you have observed closely, you will find something thats common across these different topics - "Thoughts and/or Creativity". Thoughts and Creativity?...you may wonder. They are related to each other in multiple ways. Thoughts trigger Creativity and vice versa.

The Dilbert comic videos that you would see in my blog is one typical example of the above. They make you think of things you unknowingly did/ observed back at work, in a very different perspective. So is the case with running. Running is something we would dismiss as yet another human act or as yet another tiring activity. But running is something that rather can turn a person more creative. This is because it relieves the stress and also gives you that high.

When the mind is flooded with myriad thoughts, lesser margin is set aside for the inset of creativity. Creativity comes when thoughts get filtered and structured. Imagine going to a press meeting unprepared. The mind tends to lose cognizance of the situation when random questions are posted by the media. The same press meeting will turn out to be a good advertising event, if one prepares before hand. Its all about a stressed mind (more creative) and a relaxed mind (less creative).

"Structured thoughts (and its outcome) helps one lessen the workload, hence creating space and time for creativity and thinking.

PS: If you've observed something in this article - there has been an attempt not to use "I" for myself. Just to be a standout from the rest of my articles

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