November 07, 2007

The Plone experience

After that exciting read about Zope and its edge over other frameworks, I decided to give Plone a shot. I went to the Plone site and downloaded their installable for the Linux platform and uploaded it to my shared hosting space with a hosting provider.

The installation went off really fine. I then thought of starting my Plone server. But this failed. The server was supposed to be available at http://localhost:8080/manage. I called up my hosting provider's helpline to realize that port 8080 does not work in a shared server space!

Total time spent - 5 hours (to read about Plone, download videos, down installables, upload them to my shared server, install them and test)

So, for those of you attempting to deploy Plone - Don't do this in a shared server!


Dorai said...

Did you try changing the default port and map it something else? That is what I do.

Also to try out a version of Plone, I always try it on a local server.

You may also want to try it on virtual dedicated server (even though I have not tried that before).

Unknown said...

Oh yes, I tried to change the port from the default in the zeo.conf file, but didn't work. Then I tried to hunt for some tips on the internet.

Finally understood it was something to do with the dedicated/shared server space.

I did install it on my Windows desktop. But the reason I tried this on this shared server space was to see how well it works in a Linux shared box (if I were to try something on production).


hi karthik, i think you should have to change default port from zope.conf , its in zope instance etc folder..
change it to any other port, that might solve your problem.


Unknown said...


Thanks...let me try that. I didnt persist on this after the post. Will do it soon.