November 07, 2007

Better Web Application development frameworks

I've always been a Java guy. Having started my career with C and C++, I quickly graduated into the Java language and the J2EE platform. But with the increased popularity of web application development and the growth of social networking sites, I started to open my eyes and ears to see and hear new web application development frameworks out in the market.

With the increased popularity of Google and its various products, I realized they use Zope as their development framework. Recently I heard of this new Python based framework called Django (I just evaluated this). With the increased popularity of Python in this space I thought of evaluating each of these frameworks. But I guess Sean Kelly made my job much easier now. I recently bumped into his study on the various web application development frameworks, and it is really good one with a good amount of detail covered.

As a guy of the J2EE generation, this report was a NEWS to me.

The details behind the above findings can be seen at this screencast by Sean Kelly.

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