November 02, 2007

Open Social Launched!

Watch the launch of Open Social here -

Google has launched its series of "Google Campfire One" to interact with its developer network. Its indeed going to be very interesting to watch the space of social networking on the web in the next few years.

Marc Andresseen, in his blog mentions "Freedom wins, and openness wins". While I agree with this comment of his, given the situation of the social networks war, I think the key is the creation of blue oceans (Blue Ocean Strategy, by Prof.Chan Kim).

Facebook did create a blue ocean by having its platform open to developers and having a proprietary standard like FBML. Now, Google has created a bigger blue ocean by creating a social networking platform standard and by making the learning curve shallower for developers. In my opinion, Open Social is a true blue ocean, as it creates opportunity for other social networking companies to participate, rather than compete!

Who is next? Lets wait and watch this space..its going to be really interesting.

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