November 23, 2007

The Drupal-Facebook story

Everyone in the world seems to be talking about Facebook, and how to possibly use it in a way that would benefit their network and business. Infact, the announcement of OpenSocial by Google little did affect the fame and usage of Facebook.

Drupal, a web content management tool provider has been working on providing compatibility of its very famous content management platform with Facebook. The work they've been doing is really impressive. I just tried out their Facebook App module, and it looks promising. Though it has a lot of features missing, I'm sure they are working on them. Its still in the development stages, and hence the first official release might take a while to see the market. Nevertheless, its the initiative that matters.

Drupal For Facebook has updates about this initiative. Should you be interested in a demo of how this works, you have two of them to see - this or this.

I see a huge red ocean of Facebook apps in the near future. I'm sure there are many of them already with big plans of creating innovative blue oceans.

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