September 18, 2007

Power your laptop wireless!

In the day of wireless devices, why has no one come up with a novel solution for recharging electronic devices like the laptops, iPods and mobile phones? Something I've always loved to see and use - to be able to recharge my laptop without having to connect it to the power point.

Here were some of the possible ways of getting this done...digging some of my basic physics knowledge here...
  • Generate power for your laptop from key strokes - We spend some energy for very key stroke! (Remember Newton's law?? - Every action has an equal and opposite reaction!)
  • Generate power from the heat expelled by your laptop's battery and the other hardware
  • Use the screen's brightness to regenerate power
  • Use sound from an MP3 song to generate power
  • Use ambient light to generate power
Give it a thought! If the bulb glows, buzz me!


Ravi said...

I read sometime ago that researchers in MIT had been successful in wireless transmission of electricity. Though this is not the same as generating electricity through keystrokes and sound it is still useful as it elimantes need of wires/cords.

Here is some info -

Unknown said...

Thanks Ravi!

Yes, I'm aware of this effort at MIT..
Infact there was an Indian who had developed a laptop that ran on power generated manually....with a kind of a rotating spindle behind the laptop. It operates in the notion of a manual keyed watch - Once wound, would continue to generate power till it unwinds!

Happy Thinking!