September 21, 2007

The Art of Creative Thinking - Good Read

How to be Innovative and Develop Great Ideas

I'm just basking under the sun of creativity after a swim through this book titled "The Art of Creative Thinking" by John Adair. It was a short swim of less than 144 pages, but a refreshing and a good one. Its like Creative Thinking in a Nut-Shell!

I lost myself in deep thinking intervals during this read, and it was more of a realization experience to me. Most of what is talked about in this book is something one might've practiced in one way or another, but not consciously.

Here is the content of the book, and that might interest you...

Chapter 1 - On Human Creativity
Chapter 2 - Use the Stepping Stones of Analogy
Chapter 3 - Make the Strange Familiar and the Familiar Strange
Chapter 4 - Widen Your Span of Relevance
Chapter 5 - Practise Serendipity
Chapter 6 - Chance Favours Only the Prepared Mind
Chapter 7 - Curiosity
Chapter 8 - Keep Your Eyes Open
Chapter 9 - Listen for Ideas
Chapter 10 - Reading to Generate Ideas
Chapter 11 - Keep a Notebook
Chapter 12 - Test Your Assumptions
Chapter 13 - Make Better Use of Your Depth Mind
Chapter 14 - Do Not Wait for Inspiration
Chapter 15 - Sharpen Your Analytical Skills
Chapter 16 - Suspend Judgement
Chapter 17 - Learn to Tolerate Ambiguity
Chapter 18 - Drift, Wait and Obey
Chapter 19 - Sleep on the Problem
Chapter 20 - Working It Out
Chapter 21 - Think Creatively about Your Life
Appendix A - Checklist: Have You Analysed the Problem?
Appendix B - Checklist: Are You Using Your Depth Mind?
Appendix C - Answers to Quiz and Exercise on Pages 10–12 and 63

Drive down to the nearest bookstore or library to get a copy of this. You can also order a copy on Amazon here.

Get Creative!

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