September 23, 2007

Mashmaker from Intel

This is an awesome product from Intel - Mashmaker. I just went to the Mashmaker web page and signed up for this experimental service provided by Intel. Intel has promised to send the first batch of invites at the end of the Intel Developer Forum. I'm eagerly waiting!!

Here are what they claim in a nutshell -
  • Browse, Don't Program:
    • Intel® Mash Maker suggests mashups as you browse the web.
  • View the internet, not just a web page:
    • Intel® Mash Maker combines many pages into one view.
  • Enter the semantic web via the back door:
    • Intel® Mash Maker draws on the wisdom of the community to understand the structure and semantics of information on the web.

Here is an overview of this product from Intel's web page:

"Intel® Mash Maker is an extension to your existing web browser that allows you to easily augment the page that you are currently browsing with information from other websites. As you browse the web, the Mash Maker toolbar suggests Mashups that it can apply to the current page in order to make it more useful for you. For example: plot all items on a map, or display the leg room for all flights.

Intel® Mash Maker learns from the wisdom of the community. Any user can teach Mash Maker new mashups, using a simple copy and paste interface, and once one user has taught Mash Maker a mashup, this mashup will be automatically suggested to other users. Intel® Mash Maker also relies on the community to teach it about the structure and semantics of web pages, using a built in structure editor."

From what I see, it looks like a promising product that has high chances of taking various other forms in the days to come. The underlying technology seems to be XML based and I'm keen to do some more reading on how this works! Hope to post an article on this in the near future...

Should you be interested in trying out this new product from Intel Research, visit this link


Anonymous said...

Also worth checking out is AlchemyPoint, another mashup platform that was released earlier this week. It offers many similar capabilities as MashMaker, and many that MashMaker doesn't offer (visual content scraping, support for microformats, integrated application server, etc.)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Elliot.

Thats interesting! I'm going to try out Orchestr8.