September 24, 2007

Orchestr8 AlchemyPoint - Mashup unleashed..

Woah! I'm just out of a new product website, and the experience is fantastic! I stumbled upon Mashmaker from Intel a few days back...but here is something I just bumped into - Orchestr8 AlchemyPoint - A full-fledged enterprise-level mashup platform. Here is what the founder Elliot Turner has to say about his new product -

"Orchestr8 is the only mashup/integration infrastructure company offering a complete application server, distributed messaging framework, and web services protocol stack integrated into its product line. Many man-years of engineering effort have been dedicated to building Orchestr8's protocol stack capabilities, ensuring the system's interoperability with high-end Enterprise SOA/application-integration offerings from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP"

Highlights of the Orchestr8 AlchemyPoint platform include:

  • Unified System that Combines the Best of SOA and Mashups
    The AlchemyPoint platform provides a unique combination of mashup and SOA technology, with its integrated application server, data scraping/transformation capability, and web services stack.
  • Unmatched Structured Content Scraping/Transform Capability
    Orchestr8 has developed a variety of innovative structured content scraping and data transformation capabilities that offer significant improvements in both reliability and performance over traditional systems. These capabilities include the ability to extract and manipulate information from non-Web data sources such as text files, database fields, etc.
  • Transparently Mashes Up Existing Web Sites / Applications
    The AlchemyPoint platform enables the transparent integration of new functionality into existing web sites and Intranet portals. This transparent integration approach allows for organizations to more fully leverage the value of existing IT investments.
  • Free Desktop Version and Open Source Developer Community
    Orchestr8 offers a freely-available version of its AlchemyPoint Desktop Edition software to end-users and the open-source developer community, to foster innovation within the mashup user/developer community.
I've just signed-up for a technology preview of this interesting product. Just hoping to get an unlimited access (with the amount of time I have..) Do await my reviews in the days to come...

Pssst...Im just updating this posting here....I got my tech-preview access enabled! Let me try this out...

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Anonymous said...

Have you checked out Radar Farms? It's an RSS mashup tool as well. It's brain-dead easy to use if you use the Radar Wizard.

Full disclosure: Radar Farms is a client of ours, and I love them to pieces.