August 16, 2007

What makes me run?

I've been running on and off since the past one and a half years now. Having practiced martial arts for more than 12years, the one thing I've always known best is that I perform when I'm pushed...sometimes by others and sometimes by myself.

Today, running bug has caught me and I'm finding it tough to let go of this thing..Various factors made me start running...Ram's push and mentoring, Hari's enchanting talks-on-the-run, and many others. But today, I've discovered something thats making me push myself....its my Garmin Forerunner 305. Looking at my performance when compared to others, makes me run today.

The run we Chennai Runners did last Sunday was something that has lit the fire in me. I hope to better my timing and endurance.

For those who are still double-minded about running, don't hesitate...get a pair of running shoes and hit the roads...

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