August 17, 2007

Chennai OpenCoffeeClub - For the Entrepreneur in You!

It was 3PM IST on August 5th, when a group of about 20 entrepreneurs got to meet up at one place. The "Subway" on G.N.Chetty Road, T.Nagar, Chennai was buzzing with activity when it witnessed the first meeting of the OpenCoffeeClub in Chennai.

This being the first meeting of entrepreneurs - both, aspiring and seasoned, it was more focussed on introducing ourselves as an icebreaker. We discussed everything from what we do to what one would need to do to bootstrap a new venture.

We had Liffy Thomas from Indian Express who dropped by to cover our meeting on the newspaper. The article below is a scanned copy of the one that came on the newspaper.

The next meeting is happening on the 2nd September at Amethyst. If you are a bootstrapper or thinking of starting a venture, do join us. Below is the map of the location:

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